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“Sometimes the world can only be a confusing place”

As registered GZ-Haptotherapists (mental Healthcare-Haptotherapists), we guide and advise people with questions about quality of life and emotional problems, in situations of disruption or imbalance between capacity / resilience and burden. Within haptotherapy, affective contact and an open attitude are central principles. In the therapist-client relationship, reciprocity is an important “instrument”, whereby the GZ-Haptotherapists enables to relate the client’s complaint to it’s lifestyle and values. The expertise of GZ-Haptotherapist enables client’s to place both the response to the counseling / therapy and the client’s relationship with the therapist in the general context of the client’s own life. Touch is often used in haptotherapy, with respect for the authenticity and self-determination of the client.

Intake & treatment process

During intake interview the client and haptotherapist investigate if there is a match between the client’s request for help and the treatment methods we offer. If so, goals are specified.
The haptotherapist provides a safe environment, in which the client feels secure and where a meeting can take place. The aim of treatment is to mobilise those capabilities that enable the client to deal with complaints and problems or to find answers to difficult life questions and issues of self-acceptance.