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Pregnancy guidance

“Things happen the right way at the right time. At least when you let them happen”

When your partner is pregnant it can be fun and exciting but, can sometimes create new worries. How will our future be, what exactly happens in the abdomen, what is my partner feeling, how is our child developing and how can we have an influence on this? These are some of the questions that future parents have, even if the new baby is a second or third child.

With the new pregnancy, your relationship and family life will change. Meanwhile, life continues along with your other obligations.

A shared experience

Guidance is given in a private atmosphere. You, your pregnant partner and your child are the central focus of the guidance. We pay special attention to how you can reinforce your ability to make contact with the baby.

Good coordination and joint preparation for childbirth is a shared experience for the three of you. It is desirable to start the guidance between the 20th and 24th week of pregnancy. The scope of the guidance is outlined in different themes, but there is room for your own questions and ideas.

Vereniging Haptonomische Zwangerschapsbegeleiders (VHZB)