Afspraak maken

Method of treatment

“Not going against the nature of things”

The human body gives people the most direct information about themselves. This information is not always used. Haptonomy enables one to “translate” this information and helps one to understand it through direct contact “ touch”, conversations and exercises. Haptonomy allows people to become more aware of their emotions.

The essence of touch is the main instrument of haptonomy. It is the ability through the sense of touch, that we become more aware of our feelings. Through intellectual dominancy in humans, it is precisely this ability which is pushed to the background. Haptotherapy helps to correct the connection between feelings and thinking. It stimulates the body’s awareness.

The treatment will focus on the causes and consequences of the complaints. The haptotherapist examines where the “pain” (mental and/or physical) is located and guides you to ways of finding solutions. The treatment makes use of how you represent yourself through aspects of your movements, communication, how you express your feelings and how your body signals can be translated to your inner feelings. This first phase enables you to take the next step yourself; if you become more aware of how your body reacts to stimuli from the outside world, you will be able to better recognize what inner feelings are being touched or evoked. This helps you to make a change. Through different conduct, different movements and different responses. If that process is blocked, you can broaden your options with the help of haptotherapy, this will be supported by learning new skills.